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Publications / 11.06.2019

Environmental Liability of a Bankruptcy Estate and Impact on Creditors’ Positions

Our associate Mira Hänninen has co-authored the article “Environmental Liability of a Bankruptcy Estate and its Impact on the Creditors’ Positions” (in Finnish: “Konkurssipesän ympäristövastuu ja vaikutukset velkojien asemaan”). The article examines the circumstances under which a bankruptcy estate can be held liable for environmental damage and how this liability may affect creditors’ rights in the bankruptcy proceedings. The article was published in the Finnish Bar Association’s law journal Defensor Legis N:o 3/2019.

Mira also wrote her master’s thesis on the public environmental liability of a bankruptcy estate, for which she received the Best Master’s Thesis Award 2018 from the Finnish Insolvency Law Association.

View the article in Finnish here.


Mira Hänninen