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Waselius & Wist successfully represented CityJet Oy in dispute regarding the company’s pension policy

Waselius & Wist acted for the defendant CityJet Oy in a dispute before the Labour Court against Blue1 Pilots Association ry. The issue in the case was whether CityJet Oy had correctly applied the pension agreement concluded between CityJet Oy (then Blue1 Oy) and Blue1 Pilots Association ry in 2014.

Based on the pension agreement concluded in 2014 CityJet Oy had in 2016 and 2017 decreased the pension contributions paid for the benefits of the employees. The Blue1 Pilots Association ry argued that CityJet Oy should have calculated the reductions differently and claimed that CityJet Oy had failed to pay agreed pension contributions in full.

The Labour Court considered in its decision of 7 June 2019 that CityJet Oy had applied the pension agreement correctly and the decreased pension contributions were calculated in the matter intended in the agreement.

Lawyers involved:

Jouni Kautto
Specialist Partner