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Legal Updates / 01.07.2019

Binding targets for zero- and low-emission vehicles in public procurement

The Council of the European Union has recently adopted binding targets for zero- and low-emission vehicles in public procurement. According to the Council, the new rules will, inter alia, stimulate innovation. Zero- and low-emission vehicles will in turn help the EU meet its Paris Agreement commitments.

The new rules are set out in a draft directive amending the Clean Vehicles Directive (2009/33/EC). The scope of the rules is broadened in terms of the procurement practices covered. For example, refuse collection and postal delivery services fall within the scope of the new rules.

The new rules set out minimum procurement targets at national level for clean light-duty vehicles (passenger cars and vans) and heavy-duty vehicles (e.g. trucks). For example, the minimum procurement target in respect of clean light-duty vehicles of the total number of light-duty vehicles covered by the aggregate of all procurement contracts in Finland will be 38,5%.

The definition of a clean light-duty vehicle is based on CO2 emission standards, whereas the definition of a clean heavy-duty vehicle is based on the use of alternative fuels. For example, clean light-duty vehicles within the meaning of the directive are vehicles whose CO2 emissions are at the most 50 g/km by the end of 2025 and 0 g/km after 2025.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will prepare national legislation implementing the new rules.

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