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News / 01.12.2020

Helping non-profit organization Ambitious Africa with their legal needs

Ambitious Africa is a novel initiative from the Nordics that is on a mission to enable young people from Africa and the Nordics to collaboratively reach the SDG30s (Sustainable Development Goals). The organization initiates and facilitates social impact projects within entrepreneurship, education and entertainment. The not for profit movement was started in April 2020 and has established teams in 25 countries, held 100+ online events, engaged 300 volunteers and launched 40 projects; all of this with no funding.

Waselius & Wist has been working with Ambitious Africa since its inception and helped the founders to navigate the legal environment of running a multinational organization, including setting up contracts, MoU’s, organizational structures etc.

Victor Lindahl, Co-Founder of Ambitious Africa: “It has been a privilege to work so closely with W&W and utilize their expertise in creating a global growth organisation. Since we are a pro-bono organisation it has been invaluable to have such a prominent law firm helping us for free. Their support has enabled our organization to focus our efforts on supporting the young change-makers within the organisation.

I have worked closely with Christoffer Waselius and Kim Ekqvist since I was president of Hanken Entrepreneurship Society, later with Envisage Incubators that we launched in Rwanda and now with Ambitious Africa. Also on a personal level it has been amazing to work with them and they have really helped all organisations to be enabled for sustainable growth.”