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News / 07.12.2020

Season’s Greetings

Instead of mailing any Season’s Greetings, we wanted to give our support to both children and elderly and, as an added benefit, a youngster gets employed.

Our donation enables a “dream come true” for a child suffering from severe long-term illness. A dream day can be anything from meeting an idol, a trip away, a pet or trying a profession. A dream come true gives the child and the whole family strength, hope and help while fighting the illness.

We have also given the gift of companionship and weekly help to a lonely elderly person for the entire year of 2021. The mission is to reduce loneliness amongst the elderly and to help them to live happier, longer and healthier. At the same time, a young person receives valuable part-time work for one year as the companion.

We wish you all a happy 2021!