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News / 30.03.2020

Covid-19 and its impact on the obligation to pay rent in commercial leases

The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the day-to-day business across numerous sectors and demands for rent reductions for commercial leases are currently not uncommon. The demand for adjusting rent payment clauses under commercial lease agreements will most likely become even more common after the entering into force of the proposal of the Finnish Government to temporarily close restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightclubs until end May 2020. The proposal is expected to enter into force in the upcoming days. However, many of these places have already last week voluntarily closed their doors. Read more

News / 27.03.2020

Covid-19: What employee related health information can an employer publish and how?

The Covid-19 leaves few unaffected and with the state of emergency having been declared in Finland on 16 March 2020, naturally also employers’ duty to protect their employees’ health and safety has been emphasized.  Relevant authorities have issued guidelines on how to in practice see to that the risk of Covid-19 infection spreading at workplaces is minimized. Read more

News / 19.03.2020

Temporary closedown amid Corona crisis – what can employers do?

Even at the time of a serious crisis, the Finnish legislation tries to find a balance between the interests of the employees and the interests of the employers. The Finnish mentality does not allow solutions that would suddenly and abruptly leave an employee with nothing, but at the same time, the legislation recognises that if the employer does not survive, the employee will have no work in the future. Read more

News / 17.03.2020

Waselius & Wist’s approach to Covid-19

As the Corona virus is spreading fast all over the world, we want you to know that we have implemented several measures to safeguard our employees from the risk of infection and to maintain a seamless service to our clients.

We closely monitor the Finnish Government’s and the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 guidelines and review daily our contingency plans, internal instructions and processes to ensure that we can continue serving our clients without any disruptions. Read more

News / 12.03.2020

Corona virus strikes – can force majeure be invoked?

The Covid-19 virus or Corona virus is spreading through Europe and the world with intensified speed, impacting all parts of society. Society is a structure delicately woven together by countless contractual relationships that form the framework of interaction between people, businesses and the public sector. If the corona virus impedes businesses’ possibilities to fulfil their contractual obligations, can force majeure be invoked? Read more

News / 17.12.2019

Maria Lehtimäki appointed Specialist Partner

Maria Lehtimäki  has been appointed Specialist Partner as of 1 January 2020.

Maria’s practice focuses on advising financial institutions, investors and corporates on cross-border financing and capital markets transactions and related regulatory matters. She has experience in structured finance across a variety of asset classes, as well as special situation investments and distressed investments. Read more

News / 11.12.2019

Season’s Greetings

Loneliness amongst elderly is an enormous problem. Every second day an elderly commits suicide in Finland and over 300,000 Finnish elderly spend Christmas alone.

Instead of mailing any Season’s Greetings, we have given a gift of companionship and weekly help to a lonely elderly for the entire year 2020. The mission is to reduce loneliness amongst elderly, helping them to live happier, longer and healthier. At the same time, we offer valuable part-time work for one year to a young person. Read more

News / 12.04.2019

Waselius & Wist joins Hanken Partner Programme

Waselius & Wist has partnered up with Hanken School of Economics and its Start-up lab. We want to help startups to get in touch with legal services from the start. We offer the startups valuable information and knowledge of what foreign buyers or investors are looking for in companies and at the same time the entrepreneurs will give us useful insight into the start-up world. The collaboration will include both legal advisory as well as seminars about essential subjects to the start-ups of Hanken Business Lab. Read more

News / 12.12.2018

Season’s greetings

Children do not start wars, yet they are the most vulnerable to the deadly effect of wars. In Yemen, more than eleven million children are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Instead of mailing any Season’s Greetings we have made a donation to help these children. We wish you all a peaceful year 2019. Read more

News / 04.12.2018

Waselius & Wist arranged practical course in dispute resolution for law students from the University of Helsinki

Again this autumn, Waselius & Wist arranged the popular course in practical dispute resolution of commercial disputes for the law students of the University of Helsinki. This is a course that not only entitles the students to five ECTS credits but also gives them valuable insight in practical aspects of dispute resolution in business life.

Read more