We regularly publish articles in national and international publications.

Publications / 18.11.2019

ICLG: Foreign Direct Investment Regimes 2020 – Finland

A Q&A guide to Foreign Direct Investment Regimes in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, November 2019. Read more

Publications / 16.09.2019

Private Equity 2019 – Finland

Private Equity Transactions 2019 Guide by Chambers and Partners as of September 2019.

The guide provides insights into market practice and guidance on the common features of private equity transactions in Finland. The publication covers significant issues including trends, regulatory framework, structure of transactions, takeovers, portfolio company oversight and more. Read more

Publications / 09.09.2019

Electricity and oil and gas regulation in Finland

Two Q&A guides to Energy law in Finland. Published by Thomson Reuters Practical Law, September 2019.

The electricity regulation Q&A gives a high level overview of the domestic electricity market, including domestic electricity companies, electricity generation and renewable energy, transmission, distribution, supply and tax issues. It covers the regulatory structure; foreign ownership; import of electricity; authorisation and operating requirements; trading between generators and suppliers; rates and conditions of sale and proposals for reform. Read more

Publications / 09.07.2019

Initial Public Offerings 2019|Finland

Global Legal Insights to Initial Public Offerings Laws and Regulations, published by Global Legal Group in July 2019. The book covers common issues in initial public offerings, including: the IPO process, regulatory architecture, public company responsibilities, potential risks, liabilities and pitfalls in 27 jurisdictions. Read more

Publications / 02.07.2019

ICLG Finland: Securitisation 2019

A Q&A guide to Securitisation law in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, May 2019.

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Securitisation 2019 covers essential issues in Securitisation Laws and Regulations. The topics include Receivables Contracts, Asset Sales, Security Issues, Insolvency Laws, Special Rules, Regulatory Issues and more. Read more

Publications / 11.06.2019

Environmental Liability of a Bankruptcy Estate and Impact on Creditors’ Positions

Our associate Mira Hänninen has co-authored the article “Environmental Liability of a Bankruptcy Estate and its Impact on the Creditors’ Positions” (in Finnish: “Konkurssipesän ympäristövastuu ja vaikutukset velkojien asemaan”). The article examines the circumstances under which a bankruptcy estate can be held liable for environmental damage and how this liability may affect creditors’ rights in the bankruptcy proceedings. The article was published in the Finnish Bar Association’s law journal Defensor Legis N:o 3/2019. Read more

Publications / 17.04.2019

ICLG Employment & Labour Law 2019: Finland

A Q&A guide to Employment and Labour law in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, April 2019.

The ICLG Employment & Labour Law 2019 guide covers common issues in employment and labour law and regulations. The topics include Terms of Employment, Discrimination, Family Leave Rights, Business Sales, Termination of Employment, Data Protection, Court Practice and more. Read more

Publications / 04.04.2019

The Legal 500: Lending & Secured Finance Country Comparative Guide

A Q&A guide to Lending & Secured Finance law in Finland. Published by Legalease Ltd, April 2019.

The country-specific Q&A provides an overview to lending and secured finance laws and regulations that may occur in Finland. The legal framework includes key issues regarding foreign lenders, fees, insolvency process, tax, security agreement and registration requirements. The Q&A is part of the global guide to Lending & Secured Finance. Read more

Publications / 03.04.2019

Finland Chapter in The Tax Disputes and Litigation Review – Edition 7

The seventh edition of The Tax Disputes and Litigation Review. Published by Law Business Research Ltd, 2019.

The book provides an overview of the procedural tax law as well as highlighting the pitfalls of which taxpayers need to be most aware. The chapter gives the readers a flavour of the tax litigation procedures and approaches in Finland. Particular attention has been given to cross-border tax disputes as well as the implementation of EU tax law. Read more

Publications / 14.03.2019

Structured Finance & Securitisation Global Guide 2018/19

A Q&A guide to structured finance and securitisation law published by Thomson Reuters Practical Law, December 2018.

This Q&A provides an overview of the markets and legal regimes, issues relating to the SPV and the securities issued, transferring the receivables, dealing with security and risk, cash flow, ratings, tax issues, variations to the securitisation structure and reform proposals. Read more