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Publications / 12.10.2021

Private Equity 2021 – Finland

Private Equity 2021 Guide by Chambers and Partners as of September 2021.

The guide provides insights into market practice and guidance on the common features of private equity transactions in Finland. The publication provides the latest legal information on mergers and acquisitions; due diligence; the structure of transactions; terms of acquisition documentation; public-to-private takeovers; mandatory offer thresholds; hostile takeover offers; management incentives; shareholder oversight and liability; and exits, including by an initial public offering (IPO).

The Finland chapter can be accessed free of charge here.


Niko Markkanen
Senior Associate
Publications / 11.08.2021

ICLG – Alternative Investment Funds 2021 – Finland

A Q&A guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2021 – Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, August 2021. Read more

Publications / 31.05.2021

ICLG – Securitisation 2021 – Finland

A Q&A guide to Securitisation law in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, May 2021. Read more

Publications / 20.05.2021

ICLG: Aviation Finance & Leasing 2021 – Finland

International Comparative Legal Guide to Aviation Finance & Leasing in Finland 2021. Published by Global Legal Group, May 2021. Read more

Publications / 14.05.2021

Can work survive without collective agreements?

Collective agreements have become a natural part of the Finnish working life and almost 90% of all Finnish employees are covered by such an agreement. However, the tide is shifting, with major employer federations withdrawing from negotiation tables. This raises the question of how employment relationships are organised in sectors that are not directly affected by existing collective agreements. Read more

Publications / 29.03.2021

ICLG Employment & Labour Law 2021: Finland

A updated guide to Employment and Labour law in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, March 2021.

The country-specific Q&A covers common issues in employment and labour law and regulations. The topics include Terms of Employment, Discrimination, Family Leave Rights, Business Sales, Termination of Employment, Data Protection, Court Practice and more.

Read more

Publications / 26.03.2021

Will Finland ever ratify the Cape Town Convention?

Despite the Ministry of Justice’s long-term project to ratify the Cape Town Convention,(1) it has published no developments on the matter in more than a decade. Because the Cape Town Convention remains unratified and the aircraft mortgage and register legislation outdated and deficient, valuable aircraft parts (eg, engines) cannot be separately registered in the aircraft register. Therefore, the use of aircraft engines as a separate security asset from the mortgaged airframe is limited under Finnish law. Read more

Publications / 16.03.2021

Not all those who wander are lost; not all those who work are employed

Most employees work in a traditional employment relationship. However, work is also performed in circumstances where labour legislation does not extend its protection to workers. While the position of workers may in many ways resemble the position of employees, the details may be crucial. This article highlights what employers need to know about who is classified as an employee in the gig economy. Read more

Publications / 27.01.2021

Practical Law – Competition Global Guide: Finland Q&A

Published by Thomson Reuters Practical Law, January 2021.

Merger control in Finland: overview

This Q&A is part of the global guide to merger control. Areas covered include the regulatory framework, regulatory authorities, relevant triggering events and thresholds. Also covered are notification requirements, procedures and timetables, publicity and confidentiality, third party rights, substantive tests, remedies, penalties, appeals, joint ventures, inter-agency co-operation, powers of intervention and proposals for reform.

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Publications / 17.12.2020

ICLG: Corporate Tax laws and Regulations – Finland 2021

A Q&A guide to Corporate Tax laws and Regulations in Finland. Published by Global Legal Group, December 2020. Read more